Reading Contest – 2012

In an effort to get Ivy, our 11-year-old, to read more we devised a family reading contest for 2012. Whoever reads the most books during 2012 wins $50.00 to do whatever they want with. There are a few rules to make sure everything is fair. We wrote the rules together (Kids rules are funny but correct!) and signed it so we are under contract now. 😉

The Rules:

1.) Books must be at an appropriate reading level. (Aka, The no baby book clause) 

2.) Must read the entire book except the index, references, acknowledgments, dedications, and preview chapters for other books.

3.) Text books do not count. (Ivy’s rule. She said “Mom reads too many books for school.”)

4.) No comic books. (She reads them already but they do not count for school reading time.)

5.) No re-reading and writing the same book twice. (Also Ivy’s…Confused me a little but she was afraid we would read books over, lol.)

6.) Books must be finished before midnight on December 31, 2012 to count.

I will give updates from time to time on who is in the lead and by how much. I also will continue to keep my reading list on here. Wish me luck! I hope her competitive spirit will keep her nose in a book!


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