New Here?

A Little About The Blog: We are currently based in the greater Cincinnati area. There are many posts for places in and around Cincinnati. We do a ton of day and weekend trips. We both work full-time jobs so weeks in exotic locals sound amazing but are unrealistic on a regular basis. This is a place to document my travels through life. I write about family friendly travel, saving money/budgeting, parenting, crafts, recipes, book reviews, and anything else that tickles my fancy. I like educational outings and historical places. There are travel stories, inspiration, and ideas to get you started on your own adventure. There will be many tips for traveling with small kids in tow. You do not have to give up on travel simply because you have children. I love food and will include favorite recipes and restaurants. I love photography and will include photos often. I will always try to include the vital information such as location, website, and cost involved. The views expressed are always mine and 100% honest!

A Little About myself: My name is Crystal. I am 32 years old. I have 2 amazing daughters and a wonderful husband. I am currently living in my 29th home! I have lived in the city, suburbs, and country. I have been called a gypsy, a rolling stone, and a nutcase. I love traveling! I feel that the world is a giant classroom and it is my job as a parent to give my children as many opportunities and experiences as I can. I love my job as a nurse. I have led an unusual life but it has made me who I am. I love to visit new places and try new things. I am not afraid to leap in with both feet. I will not lie…I have sank on a few occasions but I came back up eventually. I like to always look on the bright side. I am adventurous, curious, friendly, and active. I do not sit still well. I believe there is nothing you cannot accomplish with hard work and determination. I do not like excuses or laziness. I can be impatient. I do not like to be late. I am an avid reader. I believe knowledge is your greatest possession. I love all types of music. I have a passion for food. I crave the sunlight. I love being outdoors. I love fashion and have a weakness for shoes! It is not odd to see me dance or sing in a hair brush! I am easily excited and quick to smile. I feel life is too short to not try everything you can, when you can!

My motto- “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever” By: Gandhi

Who are you? Do we have anything in common?

2 Responses to New Here?

  1. Love your blog! Kudos to you for being so adventurous with the little ones in tow! What a great education they will have indeed.. full of lots of love and new experiences! Can’t wait to read more about your travels! 🙂

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