The Frugal Work-Out

I hear a lot of people complaining about how expensive it is to get in shape. Between gym memberships, fancy equipment, weight-loss drugs, premade diet food, and various fads you can really spend a small fortune. I have had multiple emails asking if I have any tips for getting back your body after having kids while trying to manage on a meager budget. Here is my very affordable workout!

Monday: Yoga on YouTube!

Tuesday: 30 minute walk, jog, or run depending on your level (when it really hot I walk. When it’s really cold I either go for a walk at the mall or do an aerobic video off YouTube)

Wednesday: 30 Crunches, 30 push ups, 30 jumping jacks (Be warned! This could kill you or at least make you feel like it did!)

Thursday: Jumping rope for 20 minutes (When it’s cold do it in the garage. If you have people living below you or do not have the room for this I suggest a ro-do of another day.)

Friday: Do one of these videos! They are a half hour each. If you really want to work it do both for an hour of serious burn! (The shred-level 1) (This is a killer AB work out! BTW, I love Jillian!)

Saturday: This is my favorite run day! My hubby is off and I don’t have to worry about what to do with the kids. I try to go out for 1 hour. I put on my first workout track on my iPod and just go. I have worked it out so that my first and second workout files on my iPod are 30 minutes. When the first is over it is time to head back and start the second file. If you are not a runner than I suggest a 1 hour walk instead. If you start off jogging and you are tired 15 minutes in than walk the additional 45 minutes. If you have to go slow and take breaks that’s okay. You will get better!

Sunday: Active games/chores/outings (Dance party cleaning, Hiking, Tag, Hopscotch, Roller Skating, jumping on a trampoline, swimming, dancing, or biking), and these 2 videos

That’s it! My needed workout items are good running or walking shoes (depending on what you do), an iPod or MP3 player (not required but I like the music when I run. If you don’t own one and really do want one try a pawn shop or Craigslist for one on the cheap), a workout mat, comfortable clothing, a jump rope, a water bottle, and an internet connection.


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