Budget Challenge #1 – Lunch

Between work and school I tend to eat a lot of lunches at restaurants and out of vending machines. Not only is this really bad for me but it’s also really expensive! This week I began packing. I packed lunch, a small snack, and a couple drinks in reusable bottles. The couple early days I even took my breakfast with me to class. The financi breakdown looks about like this:
Lunch out $5
Drink from the vending machine $1.50 each (I typically get two)
Snack from machine $0.55-$1
Total of = $7.05 to $9.00 a day

Packed Lunch $1
2 drinks $0.50
Snack $0.25
Total of = $1.75

That’s a savings of $5.30 to $7.25 a day! That’s an incredible savings!


About Been There with Kids

Wife, Mother of 2, expecting another in June 2016, RN, Traveler, writer at Been There with Kids Loves family travel, the beach, dogs, reading, photography, friendly people, Netflix, Friends, cooking, wine, hiking, and hanging out with my kids Amazed by the Ordinary, Floored by the Extraordinary!
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