New Year’s Resolution 2012 & Book Challenge Update!

I did it! I achieved my New Year’s Resolution for 2012 of reading 50 books!

Here’s the list:

  1. Shoe String Chic By: Kerrie Hess
  2. The Harvard Medical School Guide to Lowering your Cholesterol By: Mason W. Freeman, M.D.
  3. Live More, Want Less By: Mary Carlomagno
  4. The Wisdom of Gandhi
  5. The Art of More for Less – Savvy Chic By: Anna Johnson
  6. P.S. – I Made This… By: Erica Domesek
  7. Style on a Shoestring By: Andy Paige
  8. The One Hundred By: Nina Garcia
  9. Born Again Vintage By: Bridgett Artise
  10. Fashion Geek By: Diana Eng
  11. Where Valor Rests – Arlington National Cemetery
  12. The Steamboat Shuffle By: Michael Capek
  13. Style Yourself By: Bloggers
  14. Hummingbirds By: Melanie Votaw
  15. How to Shoot Great Travel Photos By: Susan McCartney
  16. The Swimsuit – A History of Twentieth Century Fashions By: Sarah Kennedy
  17. Dirty Little Secrets from otherwise perfect moms By: Trisha Ashworth & Amy Nobile
  18. Old Roses By: Graham Murphy
  19. 100 Simple Secrets of Happy People By: David Niven PhD
  20. Lady Gaga – Style Bible By: David Foy
  21. In Step With Fashion – 200 Years of Shoe Styles By: Norma Shephard
  22. 50 Rules Kids Won’t Learn in School By: Charles J. Sykes
  23. Thrifty Chic By: Liz Bauwens
  24. The Little Black Book of Style By: Nina Garcia
  25. A Short Guide to a Happy Life By: Anna Quindlen
  26. Being Perfect By: Anna Quindlen
  27. Plato in 90 Minutes By: Paul Strathern
  28. Natural Beauty Recipe Book By: Gill Farrer-Halls
  29. Raising Bookworms By: Emma Walton Hamilton
  30. Penny Saving Household Helper By: Rebecca Diliberto
  31. Lift By: Kelly Corrigan
  32. Mamarazzi By: Stacy Wasmuth
  33. The No Cry Potty Training Solution By: Elizabeth Pantley
  34. The Hunger Games By: Suzanne Collins
  35. The Lifecyles of Butterflies
  36. Catching Fire By: Suzanne Collins
  37. Mocking Jay By: Suzanne Collins
  38. The Illustrated Timeline of Religion By: Laura Smith
  39. Stress Reduction for Busy People By: Dawn Groves
  40. Being Logical – A guide to good thinking By: D.Q. McInerny
  41. 10 Minute Kid Clutter Control By: Rose R. Kennedy
  42. Organizing Solutions for People with ADD By: Susan C. Pinsky
  43. The Only 127 Thing You Need – A guide to Life’s Essentials By: Donna Wilkinson
  44. How Children Succeed By: Paul Tough
  45. The Casual Vacancy By: J.K. Rowling
  46. How to Raise an Amazing Child – The Montessori Way By: Tim Seldin
  47. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo By: Steig Larsson
  48. Many Ways To Say I Love You – Wisdom for Parents and Children from Mister Rogers By: Fred Rogers
  49. How to Ruin Your Financial Life By: Ben Stein
  50. Same Homework/New Plan – How to help your disorganized kid sit down and get it done By: Sally G. Hoyle, PhD.

I also won the book contest but not by much. Ivy did very well. She told me that her New Year’s Resolution for 2013 is to beat me! I told her to go for it!!

P.S. The Book List 2012 Tab has additional information about the books if you are curious.


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One Response to New Year’s Resolution 2012 & Book Challenge Update!

  1. LivingLeaner says:

    a book a week…and I thought I was an avid reader! I am impressed!

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