Old Friends

On Sunday, I visited with old friends. Ladies that I remember as girls…It had been around 15 years since I last seen them. It was shocking how much and how little we have all changed. It’s a weird thing to look into the face of another and see the child they once were. To remember silly games, trips, late night girl talk, swimming, getting lost in the woods, watching cartoons, rollercoaster rides, and a million other things was so much fun. There is something about old friends that makes you feel simultaneously young and old. Towards the end the mom of one of my friends stopped by. She hadn’t changed much. It was nice to see her and I really glad she took the time to come by.

We are all parents now and brought our children along. It was fun seeing the resemblances between mother and child. It was miserably hot and Bella was unusually grumpy. Perhaps next time we will meet up indoors or for a girls lunch. Hopefully, It’s not another 15 years!

Love you girls, and Yes, To me you will always be the girls you once were.


About Been There with Kids

Wife, Mother of 2, expecting another in June 2016, RN, Traveler, writer at Been There with Kids Loves family travel, the beach, dogs, reading, photography, friendly people, Netflix, Friends, cooking, wine, hiking, and hanging out with my kids Amazed by the Ordinary, Floored by the Extraordinary!
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