A Few Superstitions

Wear old shoes on Friday the 13th to ward off evil.

It brings good luck to place an old shoe outside your front door before setting out on a journey. – Knew my fellow travelers would love this one!

Throwing shoes at newly weds ensures a happy marriage. – All I can say to that is wtf!? I couldn’t imagine throwing shoes at someone on their wedding day! Maybe that’s why there are so many unhappy marriages, lol.

Walking with one shoe on and one off brings bad luck for a full year. – I have done this with only one heel on while chasing Bella down because she stole the other. I almost broke my neck! That would have been very bad luck!

Placing your shoes on a table or chair attracts misfortune. – My kids can attest to this!

Stepping out of bed on your left foot first is bad luck. – Think I should switch my hubby sides if the bed for a while? Or maybe I should roll out, lol


About Been There with Kids

Wife, Mother of 2, expecting another in June 2016, RN, Traveler, writer at Been There with Kids Loves family travel, the beach, dogs, reading, photography, friendly people, Netflix, Friends, cooking, wine, hiking, and hanging out with my kids Amazed by the Ordinary, Floored by the Extraordinary!
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2 Responses to A Few Superstitions

  1. Wow. There are more shoe superstitions then I had thought.

    After reading this, I am not inviting any strippers to my wedding. No way I am getting hit with a stiletto.

  2. idiotprufs says:

    I saw the original Friday the 13th movie, I don’t think any pair of shoes would help you when you have an arrow in your eye.

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