Reasons I Love Being a Mommy

You always hear people say (me included) “If I didn’t have kids I’d…(Fill in the blank)…” A few of my personal fill ins for that blank are things such as backpack through Europe, Move to Italy, Rock Climbing, or Take a job with tons of travel. But there are many reasons I love being a Mommy that I could never imagine giving up for any of my “what-ifs.” In celebration of Mother’s Day I decided to share some of my favorite things about being a mother.

  1. Family Reading/Books – I let both the kids pick out an adult book at the library and then we read it together. We started this tradition when Ivy was little and now I read to both girls. Ivy normally picks books on animals or art and she is now so good at reading that we take turns page for page. Bella started picking out her own books after she turned two. She picks out books that happen to catch her eye, such as flowers, animals, and things with pretty photographs. Nothing beats snuggling up for a good read especially on a rainy or cold day.
  2. Morning or Wake-up Snuggle – I love waking Bella up! She is always so lovable!
  3. Mommy Friends! – I love being able to quickly make new friends on the premise of nothing more than us both having kids.
  4. Being Told That The Cutest Person in the World Looks Just Like YOU! – I love when complete strangers say things like “She is so cute and she looks just like her Mommy!”
  5. Having People to Cook For – I love to cook! It’s nice knowing there is somebody here to eat it when I’m in the mood to spend a day baking or cooking.
  6. Seeing the Wonder in Their Eyes as They Discover the World and All the Amazing Things in it!
  7.  Always Having an Excuse – If the house is messy when somebody stops by you can always say sorry the kids were playing or if you get invited to something horrid there’s always “The kids have something that night.”
  8. Pride – Is there anything better than that sense of pride you get when your kid does the right thing? I get this glowing bubble of pride whenever I see Ivy helping a friend that is hurt or grieving, aiding somebody who is ill or handicapped, or does something in hopes of making the world a better place. I am proud of the fact that I have two children that are being raised to accept others as they are regardless of race, religion, sexuality, physical or mental handicap, or social class.
  9. Knowing My Choices Matter to Them – It makes you a better person to know that what you do or don’t do affects their life as well. Knowing that I will be able to better provide for my kids keeps me going when school gets really tough. Knowing that they are watching is a great motivator for doing the right thing!
  10. Watching Kids Movies and Cartoons – Let’s face facts between old cartoons online, Disney, Pixar, and “tween/teen” sensations it’s great to have somebody to watch them with and a reason to watch them. “I only saw it because of the kids” 😉
  11. Hair Bows, Frilly Dresses, and Baby Shoes – I love fashion in all sizes! There is something about a little girl in a ruffled dress and colorful hair bow.
  12. Having a Built-In Model – I love photography and it is nice to know that I always have a model when I need one. Bella loves to be photographed!
  13. Kids Make Holidays Way More Exciting! – I could not imagine a Christmas without a girlish squeal or the two weeks of counting down while shaking gifts!
  14. LOVE! – Loving somebody more than you ever knew was possible.

About Been There with Kids

Wife, Mother of 2, expecting another in June 2016, RN, Traveler, writer at Been There with Kids Loves family travel, the beach, dogs, reading, photography, friendly people, Netflix, Friends, cooking, wine, hiking, and hanging out with my kids Amazed by the Ordinary, Floored by the Extraordinary!
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