Cincinnati Style Chili at Skyline

Bella ate some Chili Spaghetti, crackers, & cheese.

If you come to the Cincinnati area you cannot leave without trying some Cincinnati style chili. Like it, Love it, Hate it…It is all the rage here! It is a slightly sweeter, thin chili served over spaghetti or on a coney (Hotdog) with a mound of cheese on top. You should order a 3-way and a coney on the side. It is the true “taste” of the Cincinnati area. You can add kidney beans and onions for a 5-way. These were taken at Skyline Chili. There are a few different Cincinnati Chili places including Goldstar and Camp Washington Chili. Everyone here has a different favorite. I honestly do not know if I could pick one. They all have slight differences but a similar overall taste. I suggest you try them all…one coney and 3-way at a time.

The Details:

Average Cost: $10 or less per person


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