City Cafe – Chattanooga, TN

City Cafe in downtown Chattanooga is a must visit! It is an amazing gem hiding under the disguise of a crappy diner attached to a Day’s Inn. We were driving by looking for a place to get a cheap breakfast and a cup of coffee. The line hanging out the back caught me by surprise. I turned to my husband and said that place has a really long line! He immediately whipped into the lot of the neighboring Day’s Inn. We both know that a line means a great place! City Cafe did not let us down. We had to wait for almost 45 minutes but it was so worth it. The restaurant has a funky vibe. It was crowded and lively. We had a great breakfast. I had a gyro omelet. It was only $6.45! It was amazing and very unique. Ivy’s pancakes were beautiful and very tasty as well. She did not want a kids meal. She got the Chocolate chip pancakes for $5.05. My husband got a Mexican omelet for $6.45. Their coffee was hot and their prices cheap. It was in my opinion the perfect diner.

As we walked up to the front to pay we were greeted by a huge display of cakes. We both agreed that we simply must come back later in the day for dessert. After dinner that night at another one of Chattanooga’s many restaurants we returned for dessert. This place is open 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week! If you are driving by make sure to stop for the awe inspiring layer cake or cheesecake. No joke this cake is over 6 inches tall! We got three slices of three different types for under $20!

The Details

Location: 901 Carter ST Chattanooga,TN 37402


Cost: Under $10 per person for breakfast, Under $15 for lunch or dinner,

$5 per person for dessert, $5 for kid’s meals 


About Been There with Kids

Wife, Mother of 2, expecting another in June 2016, RN, Traveler, writer at Been There with Kids Loves family travel, the beach, dogs, reading, photography, friendly people, Netflix, Friends, cooking, wine, hiking, and hanging out with my kids Amazed by the Ordinary, Floored by the Extraordinary!
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